The True Temple Of God

Can you spot it in the picture above or below?

When Jesus' first disciples looked upon the new Temple, treasury, and other new buildings Herod was building with the people's money, the disciples anxiously awaited the time they thought they would rule Israel from them. But Jesus had completely different buildings in mind when He spoke of building His Temple. As Jesus prophesied in Mathew 24:2, not one stone would stand upon another in Herod's temple. The early Christians built no buildings, fancy or otherwise. They invested their time and money into living stones, that is, people. When Constantine made Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire, all that changed. Over the last 1600 years, thousands of denominations of Christendom have poured literally trillions of dollars into buildings and institutions of all shapes and sizes using thousands of unscrupulous means to extort funds out of God's people - methods ranging from selling licences to commit sins(indulgences) to creating a distorted non-biblical church tithe and every other unscrupulous method man was capable of inventing.

As a result of this gross departure of the scriptural way to build God's Temple, much of the true temple has been left desolate. (Acts7:48-50; 1 Cor. 6:19; James 1:27) All the world's poor could be fed, clothed and sheltered on the interest of the mortgages of America's churches. Check your churches' financial report and see where it's heart is. How can this change? We must begin to move more of our resources of time and money directly into living stones, the true Temple of God, that is, people. There never was and still is no good reason to be building expensive church buildings which are empty and useless most of the time while millions of children around the world are poorly clothed, without shelter and with empty bellies.

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