I Met A Man One Day - Lyrics by Mike Johnson MIKE JOHNSON MUSIC

I met a man one day
he said that dope was the way
but, his mind had taken a train
his brain was out of town
so I left him there upside down
convinced that dope was not the way....

So before you blow your mind
if dope is a trip that you get behind
consider the lilies of the field...
grass grows all around
but they remain on the ground
and their beauties very real....

I met a yogi on a rug
and I said I never really got the bug
but he gave me a position to try
now the human body doesn’t really bend that way
but I tried all night and half the day
and I poked my elbow in my eye...

So before you disjoint your knees
give me a listen please
why sittin’ quiet really won’t hurt eternity
from your hospital bed
you’ll remember what I said
that any better health really won’t set you free...

I met a tycoon in a leather chair
I’m convinced the dude was born in there
A cigar was growing from his lip
“How ya doin kid..comeon sit down”
He was goin’ to develop Saginaw..
And causin to incorporate Arkansas
he cut me in on the final gross and split

But before you paper your summer place
with pictures of Washington’s face
remember there are things money cannot buy
the price won’t drop on eternity
no wise investment will set you free
or keep the devil from spitting in your eye....

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