Red Letters

Did Jesus ever ask us to attend a church of choice?
Did He ever once, in His time here, give politics a voice?
Did He ask us to keep promises? To care for race or creed?
Did He ever lead a cause to cease oppression or stop greed?
What about His views on violence? Did He ask for a crusade?
Did He want those who believe in Him to on stock market trade?
Tell me, right now, if you know -- just what WOULD Jesus do?
Do you really know the answer, or is He a stranger to you?

Instead of your petty concerns for belongings, home and land,
you should be spending ALL your time obeying His commands.
Love God with EVERYTHING you are! Don't put Him on your shelf!
Love God with ALL your heart and mind! Love your neighbor as yourself!
Love God and one another. Ask for nothing back again.
Cut off your hand, pluck out your eye, if it will keep your soul from sin.
Give to every man that asks of you and turn the other cheek.
Be perfect just as He is perfect, obedient and meek.
Worrying about the things you need is sin to God above.
Live your life as a mere servant, giving all you have with love.

Don't you know that you will give account for each little word you've said?
Do you live your life like it's your own, or give it up, instead?
Do you spread yourself so thin that you don't know which way to turn,
or do you rely on Jesus Christ to operate and learn?
There is no other doctrine, friend, than in the letters red,
written in the blood of Jesus Christ. Do YOU live by what He said?

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